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Wild Horses of the Calico Mountains
& the Calico Complex of Wild Horse Herd Areas

The Calico Mountains area north of Gerlach, NV, is home to a wonderful and unique herd of wild horses. Many herd areas in the BLM system have wonderful distinct & unique qualities. The Calico Mountains is one such area, deserving of recognition and careful management, to preserve the uniqueness and high quality of the horses who live here. The horses in the Calico Complex represent some of the best descendants of the Pioneer Ranching tradition. They have excellent conformation, very desireable size, and good minds, not to mention a wonderful array of colors and color patterns. Learn about these horses and the unique ecological and historical environment that surrounds them. This project is a continuing research project. Check back for updates. If you have information to add, please send it to me. EMAIL LINK


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This Calico Mountains website is created and maintained by Nancy Kerson, a  private person, and is not an official BLM website, although its purpose is to augment the BLM's Wild Horse & Burro Program through educating the public and promoting the Calico Mountains Complex of Herd Management Areas.